About us

Sigma Institute is a center of excellence for Personal & Professional developments. Sigma is working to bring positive & productive change through education, training, and skill-building. Sigma Institute is offering powerful, Knowledge Solutions (Courses, Programs, Training, etc.) that are Innovative, Customized, Friendly and helpful in capacity-building in different disciplines of Commerce, Science, Finance, Health & Safety, Management, and Education. Sigma Institute is enabling lifelong learning for students and professionals for their Personal. Professional & organizational growths.
Sigma envisions excellence for implementing Cutting edge Technology & learning as a tool to provide a reliable platform for individuals to learn & grow. Sigma takes the mission to equip Pakistani generation with active & Innovative modern skills & qualifications critical for success. We promote an environment where success is achieved through integrated learning & professional focus. Sigma instills the role of information in computation and cognition with a technological perspective. We reach out the personal potential by building the core competencies. 

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. --Steve Jobs, Apple, co-founder

Sigma believes in building the core & expertise of students to develop their capacities. Sigma established in 2004 with the aim to create learning opportunities with a dedication to delivering excellence in Teaching, Capacity Building & exploring the dynamics of Information Technology with an expert team of certified professionals. The Institute is registered from Skill Development Center (SDC) & has been successfully awarding Certifications for Short courses, long courses & professional diplomas in the fields of IT, marketing, HR, and Management Sciences. Sigma is also an active and authorized member of Microsoft IT Academy

S I G M A Stands for

  • Solution: A Platform for Knowledge Solution
  • Innovation: Leading through Innovation in IT
  • Guidance: Guiding a true Career-Path
  • Motivation: Motivated by the challenge
  • Aptitude: Aptitude for exploring the new heights

We aim to create opportunities for individuals to reach their full potential to grow. Sigma prepares professional citizens by nurturing their Skills & Capacities. At Sigma, we relate the practicality of morals for a safe footing to move on the lines of life. Sigma attentively develops the capacities with Self-determination & Training.
  1. Leadership through Excellence Sigma identifies leaders on the pavement of Excellence & upscales the professionals to do the right things instead of doing.
  2. Collaboration of Professionalism We at Sigma platform the professionals in a collaborative workplace for their ultimate growth to the doors of opportunities. Integrity with Achievement.
  3. Sigma empowers people to accomplish their goals & to enjoy their achievements with the Integrity of upright decisions & developments Intelligence & Diligence in the career.
  4. Sigma Stops all the excuses of regression, instead shows a path to knowledge & diligence with an inevitable Progression
  5. Innovation with Commitment Sigma proposes every time a new way to improve capacity with a commitment to superseding. Sigma solves an old problem with new ways of learning.

   If you want to do something new, you have to stop doing something old

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