Website Development

The Complete Web Development

Duration:6 Months

Fees: 25,000

Course Description

Website development refers to building a complete website which includes all steps that lead to a complete website ready for hosting. From creating a prototype, design of website to web content development, client-side and server-side coding, every aspect of developing a website from scratch is covered in this course. Developing a website, requires coding and programming that ensure website’s usability and functionality according to requirements of clients. Web development covers client-side coding, server-side coding and managing database. This domain ranges from creating text pages of websites to building complex web applications for educational, entertainment, business, social purposes. In our complete course duration, we teach our students how to code using programming languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript in order to build interactive front-ends while making them equally skilled in Java and PHP to maintain server side or the back-end of websites. Our students are trained through professional methods to develop deep learning and hands-on experience as full stack developers. Pros of becoming a Web Developer This is a tool that furnishes organizations with a platform for their fundamental web presence and enables them to connect with a huge number of web surfers everywhere around the world, widening the scope of their potential clients. This not only makes the organizations open to all, but also makes them internationally popular. It allows organizations to portray themselves in the ways they want to be seen, with a stage that is based on their terms and can viably advertise the services or items that they offer. Also, an online site will influence organizations to look more professional and client-centered.


Modern Website Design Basic Concepts
Using Web Design Tools (HTML, CSS, Adobe Dream viewer, WordPress)
Designing Web Contents and Images using Adobe Photoshop
How to Design a Responsive Website UI with BootStrap and WordPress
Working with WordPress Themes
Adding Functionalities to your site (blogs, posts, Widgets and Media)
Using PHP and MySQL Database
Getting Started With WordPress – Web Hosting
Introduction of Digital Marketing
Mobile Applications Introduction
Designing SEO friendly Websites
Final Project


Website/, Web/, Web Platforms/, Web App
HTML Basic & Advance
CSS (Cascade Style Sheet)
Working with Adobe Photoshop (design images and art-work for your website)
Working with PHP
Understanding Client side and server side languages
Javascript ( Basic + advance )
Creating HTML static website Project

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